• Samsung S21 FE April Update is rolling out.
  • The rollout has already started.
  • Bugs have been fixed

So finally friends, the software version update of Samsung S21 FE has come and it’s not much more than security patches and bugs fixes.

Although the update states that any bugs have been fixed, however, there is definitely a bit of a battery issue that persists. It has been there since the beginning with the device. Apart from that, some new and enhanced features have been written about the update for improvement. If we look at the update, which is version twenty-one F, we have found this update inside it.

Apart from that, the size of this update is 248 MB. It’s not a big update here, and the installation will also be quite quick; it’s just a small update. This means that the big update, like the one for Samsung Android boarding 6.1, is not available for us to see here. So after the update, I will definitely tell you what new things we can see inside it.

Samsung S21 FE April Update

Samsung S21 FE
ModelS21 FE
Update TypeSystem Update 31
Release Date04/13/2024
Security PatchApril 2024
Size248 MB
Software VersionUP1A.231005.007.G990USQSAFXD1

So, in this new update, you will get to see features, what changes have been made, all of which have been done by Samsung. And if you guys have received the One UI 6.1 update, we’ll talk about that in the article as well.

First, let’s talk about this new software update. The total size of the update is around 2GB. Inside the update, you only get one major change, and that is the April Security Patch sent by Samsung. So yes, this is not the One UI 6 update.

The updates will roll out in phases, and you’ll get the update notification soon. I’ll tell you more about when the update might arrive. But before that, I’ve already mentioned one change in this update.

The second change is that your phone’s performance will be increased, and any issues or bugs from previous updates are being addressed.

Samsung has fixed all of those issues in this update. But hold on, pause this update for now. Don’t install it yet because there are some issues reported by Samsung users.

Some users are experiencing green line issues. If you see a green line on your phone’s display, then the display gets completely damaged whether you use it or not. You’ll permanently see that line inside your smartphone, affecting the phone’s entire performance.

When the display goes bad, you’ll regret it. So, you can wait for a while. You can wait for about fifteen days. On Twitter, you can still see many articles about this type of issue with Samsung smartphones.

Let’s talk about the One UI 6 update this update will be available either at the end of May or at the beginning of June. And if it’s testing from Samsung’s side, it will be completed soon.

For now, I have updated it, and after that, we’ll find out. If there are any new features we can see inside it, please let me know.

And if you want to update, go ahead and update your phone, and if there’s anything else, do let me know by commenting. We’ll test it out.

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