Do you use the channels feature on WhatsApp? If yes, then there is good news for you! WhatsApp is soon bringing new channel explore feature. With the introduction of this feature, it will be much easier for users to find new channels related to their interests.

Come, let us know in detail about WhatsApp channel explore feature in this blog and how it is going to improve your WhatsApp experience!

WhatsApp is soon bringing new channel explore feature?

As of now, there is no specific way to find channels on WhatsApp. You can either join by taking an invite link from a group or contact, or directly search by entering the channel name in the channel search bar. But many times it happens that you do not know which channels exist and what they are about.

The new Channel Explore feature solves this problem. This feature gives users a dedicated space where they can browse channels of different categories. Hopefully, these categories will be curated according to the interests of the users, so that they can easily find the channels of their choice.

How will WhatsApp Channel Explore feature work?

At present, this feature is still in the development stage and has been rolled out only for select beta testers. Therefore, the final working of this feature has not been revealed yet. But, according to leaks and reports, this feature can work like this:

There may be a new “Explore Channels” or “Search Channels” button on the WhatsApp homescreen or Chats tab.

On pressing this button, users will see a new page, where they will get a list of channels of different categories. These categories can be like news, technology, sports, entertainment etc.

In every category, popular or trending channels related to it can be seen.

Users can click on any channel to see its information, such as its description and subscriber count.

If the user likes the channel, then he can directly subscribe to that channel.

Why is this feature beneficial for you?

The new Channel Explore feature can improve your WhatsApp experience in many ways. Let’s see some of its benefits:

Discovery of new channels: Till now, it was quite difficult to discover new channels. The introduction of this feature will help users easily discover new channels related to their interests.

Access to better content: Sometimes you miss such channels which can be very beneficial for you. This feature can take you to such channels which you did not even know about.

Opportunity to join the community: By subscribing to new channels, you can become a part of the community associated with them. With this you can discuss topics of your interest.

WhatsApp Channel Explore feature: some more important things

Channel Search: Users will still be able to search channels using the channel search bar.

Personal Curation: It is expected that WhatsApp will curate channels based on the interests of users.

Non-Public Channels: Only public channels will be visible in this feature.

Privacy: WhatsApp will develop this feature keeping in mind the privacy of users.

When will WhatsApp Channel Explore feature be rolled out?

WhatsApp has not yet given any official date for the roll out of this feature. But, according to leaks and reports, this feature may be rolled out by the end of 2024.

It is important to note that this information is still based on leaks and reports. WhatsApp may make some changes when it officially announces the feature.

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