Nothing Phone (2a), which was launched some time ago, is in the headlines. This time the company has shown a glimpse of a new color option for this phone, which has increased the curiosity among the users. So, let’s know in depth what Nothing has hinted at and what can be expected from this new phone.

New color splash for Nothing Phone (2a)

In its teaser, Nothing has shown its logo in black, yellow and red colors with the tagline ” A story of colour powerfully unique”. It is believed that these colors may be a part of the new design.

So far, the company has not given any official information about whether these are actually the same colors that will be used in the new phone, but the teaser definitely points in this direction.

It is not yet clear whether these colors will be available globally or only for India, as was the case with the previous blue variant.

However, it has been confirmed that the company will not make any changes in the specifications or features of the phone. You may just have to pay a little more for the new color option, as was seen with the Blue variant.

Will only the color change in Nothing Phone (2a)?

According to previous leaked information, it may not be only the color that has changed. Some reports have indicated that the company is considering launching Pro or Plus variants of Nothing Phone (2a).

However, Nothing has yet made any official confirmation about this.

Apart from this, the company is directly connecting its users through the Nothing Phone (2a) Community Edition project. Under this project, users are being given the opportunity to design the “ultimate version” of the phone.

The first round was for hardware design, in which the “Phosphorescence” concept using phosphorescent materials was selected from over 400 submissions. The upcoming phases include marketing campaigns and special edition phone launches.

What can be expected from Nothing Phone (2a)?

Apart from the new color option, some possibilities can be considered:

New colors: As we told, the black, yellow and red colors shown in the teaser may be included in the new phone.

Price increase: Like the previous blue variant, the new color option may also cost a little more.

No new features: According to the information received so far, no change is expected in the specifications and features of the phone.

Launch in India: Like the previous blue variant, this new color option may also be launched in India first.

When will Nothing Phone (2a) be launched?

Nothing has yet revealed the launch date of the new color option Phone (2a). But it can be expected that the company will make an official announcement soon.

You should keep following the company’s website and social media channels so that you can get the latest updates.

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