WhatsApp status is part of our daily life, because we update our status about our life. But sometimes we like our friends or family WhatsApp status and we want to save it for later. But we don’t know How to download WhatsApp status videos and images. So, this blog is for you.

In this blog we will tell you How to download WhatsApp status videos and images? We know some methods to download WhatsApp status and videos on both Android and iPhone.

How to Download WhatsApp status videos and images

Android devices are a bit more flexible, allowing you to access and save WhatsApp Status directly using the built-in file manager. But in iPhone, you have to face some difficulties to save the status.

Let’s take a look some method:

Method 1: Find hidden files in Android storage

If you use an Android phone, WhatsApp creates a hidden folder in your phone’s storage. This folder is named “. statuses” and it hides all the status images and videos that you view. But remember, these files are only there for a day, WhatsApp deletes them by night. So, if you want to view the status later, it is important to copy them somewhere else first. Let’s see how:

  • First, open the “Files by Google” app on your phone.
  • Tap on the three dots (hamburger menu) at the top and then select “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and turn on “Show hidden files”.
  • Come back and scroll down and select “Internal storage”.
  • Go to “Android” > “Media” > “com.whatsapp” > “WhatsApp” > “Media”.
  • You will now see the “.Statuses” folder. This is where all the statuses you’ve seen today are stored.
  • Press and hold the ones you want to save and then copy them. You can paste them in a new folder in the internal storage or in “DCIM” > “Camera”.

That’s it! You’ve just saved your WhatsApp status images and videos to your phone’s storage. You can now view them anytime you want.

Method 2: Download status from WhatSave app (Android)

If you are having trouble finding the “.Statuses” folder, or you want an easier way, a free app can help you. The app is called “WhatSave” and it is open-source, meaning its code is available for everyone to see. Why did I mention this special thing?

Because there are many banned apps available on the Play Store that claim to download status. These apps can steal your information, so we recommend staying away from them.

  • First of all, you have to download the WhatSave app. You can download it directly from the company’s website. Once downloaded, install it on your phone. It will be an APK file, so to install it, you may have to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Open the app and give it all the permissions it asks for. Don’t worry, WhatSave only needs permission to view your status, the rest of your information is safe.
  • After giving permission, the app will open. You will see two tabs here – Images and Videos. These tabs will contain all the photos and videos that you have recently viewed as status.
  • Select the photo or video you want to save and then press the “Save” button.
  • That’s it! Your selected status is now saved to your camera roll.

Method 3: Save WhatsApp status on iPhone

Although we told you that in Android, you can save your status by searching files directly, but there is no such easy way for iPhone. There are two ways to save status here:

First method: Taking a screenshot for images (iOS)

If you want to save only photos, then you can take screenshots. First of all, open WhatsApp and then go to the “Status” tab. Now open the photo you want to save. As soon as the photo opens, quickly press the volume up button and the side button (lock button) of your phone simultaneously. This is the way to take a screenshot. The photo will go to the photos gallery of your phone.

Second method: Screen recording for videos (iOS)

If you want to save a video, then you will have to adopt a slightly complicated method. Actually, the iPhone itself has a screen recording feature, with the help of which you can record videos. First of all, you have to turn on this screen recording feature. For this, open the Settings app and then go to “Control Center”. There you will see the screen recording option, and next to it there will be a green plus (+) button, Press it to add the screen recording to the Control Center.

Now open WhatsApp and go to the “Status” tab screen. Open the one you want to record. Now swipe from top to bottom to bring up the Control Center. There you will see the screen recording button, press it. After counting down for 3 seconds, the recording will start.

When the video is recorded, press the red button at the top to stop it. If you want, you can also stop the screen recording by going to the Control Center and pressing the button. The recorded video will be saved in your iPhone’s photos gallery.

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