Good news for all you Apple users! iOS 17.5 update has arrived and it has brought many new and interesting features for you. Released just before the upcoming WWDC 2024 event, this update is equipped with many improvements and features. So without any further delay, let us know these new features in depth:

Apple iOS 17.5 Update Launched

The WWDC 2024 event is just around the corner, and just before that, Apple has released the iOS 17.5 update! This update has brought many exciting features, the most discussed among which is the ability to capture the tracking of different companies.

Yes, now your iPhone will tell you if any unknown device is tracking your location, whether it is Android or any other phone.

Apart from this, there is good news for the users of European Union (EU) also. Now they will be able to choose their default browser and music player.

This means that now you will not have to depend only on Safari or Apple Music.

1.      Cross-platform tracking detection

The biggest and most talked about feature of iOS 17.5 is cross-platform tracking detection. This feature is the result of collaboration between Apple and Google.

Now your iPhone will tell you if any unknown third-party tracking device is running with you. This device can be based on any operating system, be it iOS or Android.

Whenever a tracking device is detected around you that is not connected to your iPhone, your phone will give you a notification. In this notification you will also get information about how you can disable this device.

This feature will prove to be very helpful in maintaining your privacy, especially for those people who are cautious about their location.

2.      Better third-party app support for EU users

Due to the European Union (EU)’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple has also attempted to improve third-party app support in iOS 17.5 update.

Now EU users will have the freedom to choose apps like default browser and default music player. This means that users will no longer have to rely only on Apple’s default apps like Safari or Apple Music.

This change gives users more options and allows them to customize their phone as per their convenience.

3.      Enjoy Apple News in offline mode

If you are one of those people who do not like to always be connected to the internet, then there is a good news for you in iOS 17.5 update. Now you can use the Apple News app in offline mode also.

With the help of this feature, you can download your favorite articles and content and read them later in offline mode. This feature will prove to be very useful for those who want to read news while traveling or in areas with poor network.

4.      Improved Quick Notes feature in Notes app

Some changes have also been made for the Notes app in iOS 17.5. Especially the Quick Notes feature has been further improved.

You can now access Quick Notes from any app or screen. For this you just have to select the Quick Notes option from the Control Center.

This feature proves to be very helpful in noting down the thoughts that come to you suddenly at any time.

5.      More fun with SharePlay

Do you like watching movies with your friends and family? iOS 17.5 makes SharePlay even better, so you can experience movie nights in a new way.

Now you can watch any movie or TV show on your iPhone, iPad or Mac on any other device, regardless of brand, through SharePlay. This means you can now enjoy a movie even while you’re on a FaceTime call with your friends and family.

6.      Better Focus Mode

Focus mode has been made even better in iOS 17.5 update. Now you can set different lock screen and home screen for Focus mode.

This means that you can change the look and feel of your phone according to your Focus mode.

This feature will be very useful for those people who use their phones in different ways for work, home and personal life.

7.      New features in Health App

Some new features have also been added to the Health app in iOS 17.5. Now you can monitor your sleep on your iPhone.

Additionally, you can also monitor your blood sugar levels on your iPhone, if you have an Apple Watch.

These new features will help you better monitor your health and improve your health.

Other Features of iOS 17.5

  • Apart from the features mentioned above, many other minor changes have been made in iOS 17.5.
  • These include an improved Siri experience, an updated Weather app, and a number of bug fixes.

Overall, iOS 17.5 is a great update that provides many new and useful features to Apple users.

If you use an Apple iPhone, we recommend you to download the iOS 17.5 update as soon as possible. This update will definitely help you improve your iPhone experience. We hope you found this blog post informative and useful.

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